Golf is a popular sport in the United States and around the world. People are enthralled by golf as a game and many people will not consider themselves a golfer unless they play golf.

The history of golf in America dates back to 1877 when some well-meaning individual and amateur golfer named Horace Dobbins made a practice run for his new course and ended up killing himself after striking and killing a coyote that had wandered into his golf course. At that time golf was not the game that it is today and people were often walking and running the course. Many people in the area where Dobbins died developed their own versions of golf courses.

Many golf courses were founded in the area where he died such as; Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and even in Australia. The Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia was built in the area where Horace Dobbins lived and still today the first official golf course in the world is here. Today many people make a point of going to these areas for a golf holiday or business trip.

You can go on one of these great experiences if you choose to. There are many great golf courses all around the country including Lake Tahoe, Florida, Oregon, California, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, among others. No matter where you go to get a golf holiday or golf vacation you are sure to have a wonderful time on the course.

There are also many other reasons to visit a golf course. Most people love to go out on a golf holiday and see the beauty of the mountains and how the beautiful courses have evolved over the years. If you decide to go skiing or bungee jumping you will love to go to a golf club to have a great time on your holiday with a view of the mountains and many views of the scenery around you.

So as you can see, golf is one of the best ways to go on a vacation trip. There are so many great reasons to visit a golf club so why not go and try it out.

There are so many golf courses in the USA and Canada that are so beautiful and the greens are so pristine and the green lawns are so nice that the pictures have been taken so many times that you can’t seem to find the exact same image. If you go see these courses you will never forget them. Many golf clubs have team golf tournaments as well, so if you enjoy playing the game as much as you enjoy visiting a golf club then you really should go on a golf holiday.